Kindness is…

WhatIMG_20140929_144023-EFFECTS is kindness?


I’m going to presume that we all know what kindness is not, but what is kindness and how can we use it to build happier homes and schools? Here are my thoughts of the day…


Kindness is:


Forgiving myself when I forget to be kind and slip into a negative pattern of behavior.


Being humble enough to admit my faults, and asking others to forgive me, especially my children and my spouse.


Asking someone to stop hurting me all the while letting them know that I see their greatness and recognize their inner beauty.


Letting someone know I like them, even if I don’t always like their behavior or the choices they make.


Realizing that when I show compassion towards a person who is causing me pain I become actively involved in making this world a better place.


Knowing that I must love myself first and foremost. My self-talk has an effect on everything in my live, for better or for worse.


Taking the time to figure out what’s bothering someone, rather than taking their bad mood or unkind gestures personally.


Refraining from jumping to conclusions or making assumptions.


Being an active listener.


Asking a question and being available to hear the answer, whether I agree or not.


Accepting other’s viewpoints without needing to prove my own.


Kindness is love in action.

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